Masks and Fashion

Are masks the new fashion? It certainly seems this way, in Italy and with high end fashion designers around the globe. With masks being a necessity, it is always a plus to have one that matches your outfit and that is cute and stylish. Fashion designers around the globe are using their creativity to design beautiful and unique fashion statement masks.

Vogue foresees masks to be a fashion accessory for 2020.  With mask prints that match dresses, shirts, skirts and pants perfectly. It is a way to normalize the difficult times we are all going through. When you are able to be creative and wear something that looks beautiful it always makes you feel better. I personally believe wearing something cute makes me feel better.

Being able to customize your look enables you to have some control during these crazy times, where we sometimes feel as though we have no control.

To conclude masks for me are the new fashion statement to embrace as they help keep others safe during the pandemic & allow you to portray your unique style. So why not purchase one that reflects your unique personality?